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Who Do We Sponsor


                       Dunvant Under 9's Football Club

Care Unity are thrilled to have been given the opportunity to sponsor this amazing football team. 
Ryan James in his spare time likes to help develop and motivate these young children to compete and have fun playing football. 
We at Care Unity are proud to sponsor the local Swansea team. 
We asked Ryan some questions regarding his role as a football Coach on the next page. His words made us realise that we have have chosen the right team to sponsor and support. 

James Todd - Welsh Professional Boxer

Screenshot 2024-05-22 at 16.43.59.png
Our second sponsor is a Welsh pro boxer, James Todd. James is  dedicated to the relentless training. 
We chose to sponsor James because he is showing to have the level of skill, discipline and dedication to becoming the best he can be and leave it all in the ring after every bout.   
We asked James and David Owen (One of James' corner men) questions regarding their roles and the benefits of sponsors. We also asked them about the the risks involved. Boxing is a dangerous sport but I think its underestimated how important combat sport is for many people. The physical and mental health benefits are amazing! Hopefully the Q&A's on the next page will give people a little insight into the world of combat sports. 
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