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Award Winning Team

Statement from James Davies, Responsible Individual: 

I cannot put into words how happy I was when we were shortlisted for an award. When we actually crossed the line and won 'Best Resident Focussed Care 2024' I couldn't be more proud of the team who turn up everyday and work hard making a difference to peoples lives. Our aim is to always work hard promoting the independence of the people we support. Our feedback forms speaks for themselves and we will continue to deliver the high standards of care. I would like to thank everyone who supported us, had faith in us and trusting us to support them and their families. I will be forever grateful. 

Business Awards UK 

Care Unity Limited was recognised for Best Resident Focused Care, implementing personalised care strategies that significantly enhance the daily lives and independence of their clients. Their thoughtful and flexible approach to care delivery ensures that all service users feel valued and supported in their own homes, reflecting a deep commitment to enhancing quality of life.

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